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These are Our People

Hendrick Melo

Mr. Melo is the President and founder of Veeda Software, LLC. Acting in this capacity, he is responsible for the design, staffing, and execution of all work the firm performs. In a greater sense, Mr. Melo's role is to ensure the quality of production so as to deliver outstanding value to the firm's clients. All engagements of Veeda Software are under his direct control.

Since the founding of the company in 2005, he has developed the specialized tools and techniques that enable Veeda Software to produce and test the high performance software which we deliver. It should be noted that programs to test very high speed communication are not trivial to construct. In support of our clients, Mr. Melo performs consultation engagements in those areas where he has demonstrable expertise. As a growing company he is also designing and implementing software systems for the internal use in the firm. These include systems for administration, finance, marketing, and sales.

Prior to founding Veeda Software, Mr. Melo was the Senior Software Engineer for High Tide Software of Wellesley, MA. He was responsible for overseeing teams of software engineers based both locally and internationally. He was responsible for various projects ranging from device driver development, telephony, management control systems, and database applications.

For example Mr. Melo headed the team that developed the SelectRightTM brand of driver license testing software for the State of Alaska. Further, he was the designer of the system. This engagement consisted of delivering a turnkey package of hardware and software and deploying it to numerous sites across the state.

During his association with High Tide, he did much of the design, staffing, and execution of nearly all work the firm performed. Like Veeda today, High Tide had projects that included telephony, embedded systems, device drivers, and management systems.

Prior to joining High Tide, his initial experience was architecting and building web based systems. He has developed web sites for various organizations and even had his hand in the graphic arts.

Robert Schuldenfrei

Robert Schuldenfrei is a Senior Business Advisor for Veeda Software. He brings a wealth of business experience to the team. Mr. Schuldenfrei holds a Master of Business Administration from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College and an AB in Economics from Syracuse University. He founded S. I. Inc. in 1981 in order to develop software for business management with a particular concentration in manufacturing. S. I. Inc. developed and marketed the proprietary MCS-3 system, software for manufacturing. Now he brings the results of his 35 years to Veeda. Bob is responsible for three functional areas; new business development, advising on the creation of managerial control systems, and planning the firm's transition from specialty software to a full line enterprise wide software company.

Prior to the founding of S. I. Inc. Mr. Schuldenfrei was Vice President, Shycon Associates Inc. He was the cofounder and a shareholder in this consulting firm. All of the customers of Shycon Associates were Fortune 500 companies. He directed the consulting operations during the entire period of association. The work included the construction of large computer simulation models for the evaluation of corporate distribution strategies. Later the job focus was on the supervision of the design, construction, and implementation of production / inventory control systems. These projects combined real time inventory management systems with batch MRP planning.