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Client's needs

CentrAlertCentrAlert of Kennewick, WA is typical of a class of clients for whom Veeda Software has executed engagements. These are companies who have technical expertise in house, may have gone to some other outside software developer, and then found Veeda as the organization who could best solve their problems. Who is CentrAlert? CentrAlert is the Software and Communications arm of SAFER Services, a company specialized in proving Emergency Preparedness solutions. Their curstomers include Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Defense (DoD), among various other various state and corporate emergency management centers. CentrAlert markets the “World’s First Plug & Play Emergency Operating System™” a centralized software solution for these emergency management centers.

In 2006 CentrAlert had a telephony project underway using Cantata’s Brooktrout TR1000 voice card. The outside firm that was writing the software produced code that worked, however it lacked the required throughput. Like so many telephony projects, the code produced works, and works well, with a “toy” load on the system. But, when it comes to scaling up to operational status, some people’s software just lack the design sophistication to get the job done. Many software companies do not have the tools and techniques to deliver high performance telephony products. By early 2007 CentrAlert knew it had a problem on its hands.

CentrAlert contacted Cantata (now a division of Dialogic Corporation) for help. Cantata recommended Veeda Software as a firm that could complete the job to the required specifications. It was easy for Cantata to suggest Veeda as the principals of our firm have been performing subcontracting work for them for years. This relationship with Cantata extends back to a time long before the foundation Veeda Software.

Veeda's solution

As a result of Cantata’s suggestion, and further vetting of Veeda’s abilities through telephone interviews, Veeda won the engagement. This engagement was broken up into three distinct projects. The first project was to produce a simplified API that would work in background to control the TR1000. Veeda Software created a .Net-based solution to control multiple TR1000 digital and/or analog cards.

Based on the success of that project, the engagement progressed to project two, a task to improve the higher level device adapter module in the application. In order to do that project Veeda first turned its attention to fixing a bug in the “chat” module left over from the original design. With that out of the way, we went on to produce the device adapter as specified in the second project.

In order to provide a low cost option to their clients, CentrAlert inaugurated a third project for Veeda Software. This third task consisted of building the same simplified API to control voice modems. By doing this you obviated the need for a high-end telephony card in settings that only need but one line.

According to Dwight Brayton VP, Production and Operations, the projects ran smoothly in spite of the fact that CentrAlert is on the West Coast and we are in the East. “Even though there was a ‘time delta’, we were able to get information back and forth.” Although this was a pleasant surprise for them, Veeda has had plenty of experience controlling projects on different continents. Looking down the road, Dwight suggested that VOIP is going to play an ever increasing role in the alert and notification industry. “VOIP is going to be very big,” Dwight explained. “There is going to be expansions into new technologies.” We are very pleased to have Veeda Software on our team.