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MicroOptical Corporation (now MyVu Corporation)

Client's needs

MD-6w Wireless Micro DisplayMicroOptical Corporation of Westwood, MA is an extremely successful company. Their product lines are built around a light weight very small audio/video system packed into a headset that looks like a pair of eye glasses, or a single monocle. This is known as a Micro Display Device (MDD) There are numerous applications for this product including heads-up displays for doctors doing surgery. About the only shortcoming to their existing medical system (MD-6) was that it is a “wired” device with a long cord running from the MDD and trailing out behind the doctor to a computer that generates the displayed material. What MicroOptical wanted was to replace the full functioning computer with a simple “device” that transmitted a Bluetooth signal to a receiver that the doctor could wear that attaches to the MDD by a short cord.

Veeda's solution

Veeda Software was called upon to “cut the cord.” Our engineers developed the software that transmitted the Bluetooth communications. First, the “device” was built that housed a microprocessor running Microsoft Windows CE. Next, modifications to the Bluetooth device driver needed to be made as Bluetooth drivers for Windows CE did not support the features that the MDD required. Finally, the device now had a clean wireless data transmission path to the MicroOptical MD-6W Wireless Critical Data Viewer, as the MDD and its receiver are now called. This solution means that the doctor is no longer trailing a dangerous cord while moving around the operating table. Our approach supports a high rate data stream such that the display is easy on the eye with little or no flicker.

In delivering this solution Veeda achieved a number of things. First, it reduced MicroOptical’s time to market for the MD6W. Second, it demonstrated once again our skill at modifying Microsoft device drivers. Third, now that the device has an embedded computer, it became much easier to pass FDA approval. In fact, it became FDA certified 12 months after Veeda was retained to do the programming work. And finally, we showed that we could reduce the size and cost of our client’s product while at the same time increasing its capability.