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Embedded systems

Brooktrout (Cantata) TR 1000 Board Closely related to the Telephony topic, Veeda Software has proven expertise developing software for embedded systems. Software for computers that reside inside the devices that they control takes specialized knowledge and experience. Our associates have gained this knowledge over the years by working for the manufacturers who are producing cutting edge embedded products.

In the "Experience" section of this web site you will find the names Brooktrout Technology (now Cantata Technology), MicroOptical Corporation, and Bodkin Design and Engineering. These are clients who have benefited from the experience of engaging with Veeda Software. All of these firms had in-house employees who could have written the software that their products required. Why did they turn to the Veeda Software team for help? It was our reputation for high quality craftsmanship in the area of embedded systems that proved so valuable for them. We got their devices up and running in record time and on budget. Thus, our client’s product got to market in a timely manner to become marketplace winners.

Some years ago some of our people wrote a device driver for a FAX board. Microsoft needed such a device driver for inclusion in Windows Advanced Server. It is highly unusual for Microsoft to turn to an outside group for an internal part of the Windows operating system, the crown jewel of the firm. But that is exactly what they did. From that experience Veeda Software people went on to write other device drivers. If we can write code up to the specifications of Microsoft we can do it for anyone.