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Web based systems

Web Based App The model for computer systems is in rapid flux. The evolution from a computation-centered to communications-based computing is upon us today. In the past, and to a certain degree the present, the computer with its operating system was at the core of a computer application. Today, we are moving to applications that run on the Internet or that follow the same model as the World Wide Web. These web based applications are heavily communications dependent. Often the programs, the data, and the user are widely dispersed in time and space. Veeda Software has the expertise to develop in this new programming environment.

Sometimes, a web based system means just data entry from a user who is connected to a computer over the Internet. But more often web based computing is more complex. This is where Veeda Software really comes to the fore. The work that our people have done for the State of Alaska is just such a complex system. Many computers running independently and being able to get connected and disconnected all day long with one another is typical of the type of challenging software development we can deliver. All of this can be done while maintaining a secure, reliable, and highly available environment.

Veeda Software has aided our clients by providing their customers better, faster, and more reliable service. The work that our company has performed for the Consulate General of Cape Verde - Boston is a prime example. You can read more about this work in the "Experience" section of this web site.

It is important to note that embedded systems and device drivers represent the very small of computer science and that web based systems represent the very large. The common thread of what we provide to our clients is computer science expertise.