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Even before the creation of our firm, our principals were already working with a line of boards and products that today belong to Dialogic. It is this knowledge that pushes Veeda Software's strength in developing specialized solutions for the wide range of platforms created and supported by Dialogic.

Fax and Fax over IP (FoIP)

The Dialogic Brooktrout Fax solutions offer a wide and diverse range of options for all kinds of Fax needs. The TR1034 offers TDM and IP solutions starting at 2 ports per board up to 30 ports. On the other hand, there is the SR140, a software based solution that allows IP only fax with possibility to use up to 120 ports per license.

TR and SR

Both the TR1034 and the SR140 can be deployed for FoIP and use SIP, H.323, and MGCP environments. However, only the TR1034 can operate in hybrid and pure TDM world.

  TR1034 Which one is right for your needs?

There is no single answer to this question. There is, however, only one correct approach. Design your application to work with both. It is well worth the extra time to develop an application that will work with either. Better yet, design an application that works with both of them simultaneously. If your design addresses the small differences between both platforms, you can defer the choice until your application is ready and you are able to test the market.

The Dialogic® Diva® SDK

Anyone who has successfully used the Dialogic® Diva® SDK, like we have at Veeda Software, knows that it is a very powerful tool set. It gives the software engineer full access to the many features that make the Prosody X and Prosody S such great media processing solutions. However, harnessing the full power and potential of the Prosody X and Prosody S is no small task. This is where an experienced team can be very helpful.

  Why use the Dialogic® Diva® SDK?

Veeda Software is often asked the question: "Which is a better idea? Should we use the Dialogic® Diva® SDK or use a higher level tool set / wrapper?" The answer depends on the customer's specific needs. In general, if your goal is to build high-density telephony systems (200+ ports), it is a wise idea to develop directly on the Dialogic® Diva® SDK. You are able to control the Dialogic Brooktrout hardware and software in the most efficient way, harnessing the full power of the platform. This has an even deeper meaning to your bottom-line. No additional per-port license costs!


The Dialogic® Brooktrout TR1034 and Dialogic® Brooktrout SR140 can be used in a number of applications:

• Conferencing servers • Fax Broadcasting / Internet Fax
• Media and signaling gateways • Coding conversion units
• IP media servers • Call centers and Contact Centers
• VoIP Monitoring • IVR servers and voice portals
• IP Gateways • Unified messaging platforms

Why Veeda Software?

Veeda Software engineers have many years of experience developing telephony software. We have written custom telephony applications over the past 10 years including Fax, Voice, Unified Messaging, IVR, and VoIP applications. Our experience with the Aculab media processing platforms is extensive.

  Our Goals

When we design and develop applications, our primary goal is to deliver the best experience for your customer, the end user. In a typical telephony application we concentrate on a few key metrics to ensure the best user experience:
  • Top Audio Quality
  • Easy Prompt Navigation
  • High Availability
  • High Uptime


Beyond the Dialogic Brooktrout Boards and telephony experience, Veeda Software is a full-service software development house. We are able to work with your existing applications to design and fashion an end product that realizes your organization's goals. Here are some of the tools we frequently use.

Programming Languages:
  • Low-level, high performance systems: C / C++
  • Windows-based client and web applications: C#, VB.Net, MFC
  • Multi platform applications: Java
  • Others: PhP, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Lisp
Operating Systems:
  • Windows® Desktop and Embedded versions
  • Linux Servers
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL

Contact Us

To hear more how Veeda Software can help you bring your telephony application to life, give us call at (866) 357-9948 or send us an e-mail at providing us your phone number and a brief description of your needs and we will get back to you as soon as possible.